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CIR - Judgment and Commitment Document Management

The Criminal Information Repository (CIR) is a web-based intranet application which allows courts to create and store Judgment and Commitment and Statement of Reasons (245B), Amended Judgments (245C), and Revocations (245D). CIR will replace the years-old WordPerfect macros formerly used for judgment, amended judgment, and revocation creation. 

The CIR User Module

The User Module allows the user to create,edit and store their documents. Judgments are stored and organized by users and judges. When a courtroom deputy logs into CIR, they see their list of judgments, and can filter the list by signed and unsigned documents,  judgment, amended judgment, or revocation, defendant name, and judgment date.
The CIR Admin Module

The Admin Module allows Administrators to add, edit and delete users; add, edit and delete judges; edit the conditions and soft language found throughout the User Module and final documents; edit setting values; and recover judgments that have been deleted in the User Module.
Increase Document Organization - CIR is flexible, allowing users to view a comprehensive and interactive list of defendant’s documents
Increase User Flexibility - With its interactive tabs, the CIR program provides more flexibility than the linear, WordPerfect macros. Furthermore, the CIR templates contain soft language and fill-in-the-blanks which can be customized by the user on a document-specific basis. The CIR templates are permanently customizable and maintainable by a System Administrator in the Admin Module
Selective User Access - In CIR, documents are organized by Judge and selective access can be given to Judges. Courtroom Deputies and Probation Officers. This means that the User Administrator can control which documents the Courtroom Deputies or Probation Officers can view, edit and/or sign
User Groups - CIR is tailored for use by Courtroom Deputies, Judges, Probation Officers, User Administrators and System Administrators. These User Groups are managed by a System Administrator in the Admin Module
Produce Judgments for Emailing, Printing and/or Archiving - CIR renders judgments as HTML which users can export to PDF for printing and distribution. CIR also allows users to produce separate PDF documents of both the Judgment and the Statement of Reasons
Ease of Use - VoiceMetrix designed the CIR program side-by-side with court staff members for intuitive and easy to use screen designs. You will find all daily functions a breeze to complete
Context Sensitive Help - Throughout the CIR User and Admin Modules you will find blue question mark links. When you click on these, you will immediately be taken to the appropriate location in the online help manual