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Comply® 3.0 - Features and Enhancements

Browser-based desktop interface
Filter clients and locations by any combination of division, test location, or officers
Officer to Client and/or Client to Officer voicemail messages
Call-in bulletin messages
Client names always include last, first, middle names and generation
Windows Integrated Security user access
Grant user access by supervising officer group
Appointment Text Messaging
Officers can view selected reports from the field on the smartphone or mobile devices
Calendar Scheduling
Server-based calendar generation for faster processing
Client non-association rules
Local time-zone scheduling for multiple time-zone districts
Mobile Device Reporting Module
Automated Daily Sync Reporting
Daily PACTS Sync changes
New Clients
New Appointments
De-activated clients
Client Officer, phase, or location Changes
Client Excused Dates
Schedule any report
Enhanced scheduling options
Create Pre-printed Forms and Schedules
Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly
Monthly by chosen day, for example 2nd Tuesday of each month
First day of month or last day of month
View selected reports in a mobile-device format