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DGITS™ - Probation and Pretrial Monthly Supervision Reporting-by-Phone

DGITS™  - Probation and Pretrial Monthly Supervision Reporting-by-Phone

For Federal Court districts that require defendants and offenders (clients) to complete
monthly electronic supervision reports, DGITS allows clients to answer those yes/no
questions by phone. DGITS includes browser-based user application to schedule client call-
in dates, view client call histories, and print call reports. DGITS additionally writes client
responses to  PACTS/ECM as chrono entries.

VoiceMetrix customizes questions by district and/or by Probation and Pretrial Services.
Example questions:
DGITS Desktop

The DGITS Desktop is a browser-based application that allows officers or administrators to schedule the monthly reporting call-in dates for clients up to 12 months in advance, or schedule allowable call-in date ranges, such as the 1st five days of each month.

If scheduling specific monthly dates, users can:

The desktop can be configured to restrict officer scheduling and history views to just an single officer’s clients, or to supervising officer groups.

Desktop users can view call compliance histories:
Users can also view and print call reports:
Has your street address or mailing address changed?
Has your home phone, cell phone number, or email. adress changed?
Did you change jobs or employers?
Are you aware of your next scheduled court appearance date?
Choose a date each month or select recurring dates such as "the 1st Monday of every month."
Reschedule or delete existing call appointments
View the full call calendar of appointments