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Notify - Outbound Messaging

For phone calls, no recording is required - just type exactly what you want the call recipients to hear, and Notify recites the message using text-to-speech audio. For calling, no PBX or Centrex connections are required! Notify places phone calls through the cloud up to 3 calls per second. This allows you to send messages to a large number of recipients quickly for up-to-the-minute information or emergency notifications.

Notify runs on a Windows server (hardware or virtual) at your location which interacts with our cloud calling/texting service. Phone calls and texts are sent via SSL-secured communication. Notify sends emails through your SMTP gateway.

Users access Notify through an intranet application running on the server. You control user access using Windows integrated security (domain or workgroup) managed by your system administrator.
Notify sends outbound notifications via phone, email, and text messages. Notify users enter contacts directly through a browser-based application or upload text/CSV files. The files contain contact names, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can optionally include the send date/time and other descriptive identifiers for outcome reporting and  accountability. 
Notify combines a customer-based server with our cloud-based calling/texting services. The application provides a message management screen for editing of each message type, and you can customize the wording of voice and text messages, and keep email message content upto date with a user-friendly HTML editor.