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Questionnaire Request Line

VoiceMetrix now offers the AJIS Questionnaire Request Line to help your court reduce paperwork and increase the use of your online questionnaire. Your court can mail a simplified questionnaire letter which instructs prospective jurors to fill out the online questionnaire. If the juror is unable or unwilling to go online they can call the Questionnaire Request Line and request a mailed paper copy by entering their participant number. Your jury office can print a Request Log report each day and mail questionnaires to just those jurors.
The Questionnaire Request Line uses its own toll-free phone number and can run on your existing AJIS Appear server using additional lines. You can request both a Request Report and Call Log Report from the Appear server using an Internet Explorer browser on your desktop PC.

For one-step courts, the Request Line validates juror participant numbers from pools in the Appear Speech database. For two-step courts VoiceMetrix validates jurors directly against your JMS wheel.