VoiceMetrix Announces Release of Comply 3.0
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VoiceMetrix® offers software messaging applications, justice solutions, and custom program development. Our messaging applications include cloud and customer based interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and outbound phone, email, and text notification programs.  We also offer a suite of message-integrated justice solutions to the federal judiciary including probation/pretrial drug test scheduling, juror inbound/outbound messaging, and judgement and commitment document management. VoiceMetrix has served public and commercial customers for over 20 years providing innovative, effective software solutions.
We are pleased to announce release of Comply 3.0 available January 1st, 2019. We have enhanced and re-engineered our Comply probation/pretrial drug test scheduling and report system to include:
One-third of all federal courts now use Comply.  Read more about version 3.0 here...
A browser-based client interface
A mobile device reporting module
Text message appointment notifications to offenders and defendants
Optional Officer to Client and/or Client to Officer voicemail messages
Bulletin messages                                    
Windows Integrated Security user access
Much more ...