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Comply® & Comply Texts

Probation & Pretrial Drug Test Scheduling/Messaging

Tailored for Probation & Pretrial Services Staff

Comply® allows staff to schedule, notify, and track the mandatory drug-testing compliance of offenders and defendants.

PACTS/ECM Seamless Integration

Synchronizes phase test clients from PACTS  to generate drug-testing calendars. Clients can call Comply 24/7 for detailed daily drug testing appointment information.  Comply also  automatically generates and distributes pre-printed, pre-filled Chain-of-Custody forms to your vendor sites and labs.

A Web-based Program

Provides complete control of client drug testing appointments, form creation, and report distribution directly from your browser. User authentication and access to client lists are administered using Windows Integrated Security, configured by your court.

With Comply You Can:

  • Configure individual test location for daily testing hours, gender-specific days and hours, and maximum appointment limits.

  • Generate monthly appointment calendars per phase assignment and test location criteria.

  • View graphical calendar displays by officer, department/selected test office location(s), and adjust appointments as needed for an individual client or several selected clients.

  • Monitor daily test location schedules and create pre-filled testing forms and labels.

  • Send schedules and forms directly to test facilities with 'One-Click' email or automatically email daily test location forms and reports at scheduled times/days of the week.

Comply Texts

Comply Texts is an optional module that provides text message notifications for probation and pretrial clients based on the monthly test appointment calendars created in the Comply Desktop.

Comply Direct Messages

Comply's Direct Messages allows officers to send text messages to multiple clients on-demand. Officers can view a list of clients grouped by Office, Test Location, Supervising Officer, or Phase, and easily select recipients from the list. Officers can then write out and send messages immediately after.

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