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Probation & Pretrial Monthly Supervision Reporting-by-Phone

Streamlined Client Reporting

For Federal Court districts that require defendants/offenders (clients) to complete monthly electronic supervision reports, DGITS allows clients to answer questions by phone.

Customized Questions

VoiceMetrix  customizes your questions by district and/or by Probation  & Pretrial Services. Examples of such questions:

  • Has your street address or mailing address changed?

  • Has you home phone number, cell phone number, or email address changed?

  • Did you change jobs or employers?

  • Are you aware of your next scheduled court appearance date?

A Web-based Program

DGITS Desktop runs on your browser, allowing officers and administrators to easily schedule monthly reporting call-in dates for clients. DGITS' flexibility allows for scheduling up to 12 months in advance or schedule call-in date ranges, such as the first 5 days of each month.

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