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Questionnaire Line

Qualification & Summons Questionnaire Self Service

Offload the Thousands of Calls Your Jury Office Receives

VoiceMetrix's Questionnaire Line takes care of 90% of calls your jury office receives following large questionnaire mailings and routine inquiries after summons mailings. The help line thus frees your staff from numerous hours of in-person calls and voicemails.

A Cloud-Based Application

Hosted on the cloud, Questionnaire Line uses local phone numbers, providing unlimited calling capacity  with the additional option of offering a toll-free number. Should you mail tens of thousands or over a hundred thousand questionnaire notices, Questionnaire Line will effortlessly handle any call surge without busy signals.

Questionnaire Line's Features

Print Qualification Questionnaires - Automatically creates daily qualification questionnaires and is formatted to print onto questionnaire stock ready for mailing.

Callback Request Option - Callers can leave their Participant Number and desired call-back number so you can return calls at your convenience.

Paper Questionnaire or Summons Request - Questionnaire Line validates any participant who prefers a paper copy using their Participant Number. Jury staff can print or export a report of request to an Excel spreadsheet for your mailing vendor.

Reports - Generate bar-coded reports of all request and activity.

Analytics - Updated charts that detail Questionnaire Line's effectiveness.

FAQs - Customized to your most frequently asked questions and answers.

Transfers - To Jury office or voicemail if desired.

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