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Outbound Messaging

Outbound Messaging Made Simple

Notify simplifies sending outbound notifications via phone, email, or text-messaging. With very little configuration, Notify can send large batches of outbound communications.

A Hybrid-Solution

Notify runs by combining your preferred server with our cloud-based calling & texting services. Phone calls and texts are send via

SSL-secured communication, while email is sent through your SMTP gateway.

Flexible Messaging

Users have the option to upload contacts either through our browser-based application or directly through text files/spreadsheets. Additionally, you can include send date/time or other descriptive identifiers for outcome reporting and accountability.

No Recording Necessary

For outbound phone calls, Notify uses text-to-speech to transform whatever text you input into audio. Notify also places phone calls through the cloud to place up to 3 calls per second. Allowing you to send messages to large numbers of recipients quickly for up-to-date information or emergency notifications.

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